White Tara Teaching

Tashi Telek!

We are resuming our online Dharma teaching starting with White Tara Practice this weekend and please register using the below link. (Oral Transmission will be given during the online teaching)

Introduction of White Tara:

White Tara (known as Yidshin Khorlo in Tibetan, meaning "wish fulfilling wheel) is one of the manifestations of Tara and is a special deity for longevity. In the Tarayogini Tantra, it is mentioned, "White Tara prevents death".

There are many great Masters who did the practice of White Tara and managed to live very long and accomplished all their missions.

There are mainly four sources of this practice during the early times in Tibet which are the traditions of Atisha, Barilotsawa, Nyen Lotsawa and Pandita Ngakyi Rinchen. Gampopa's tradition comes from Atisha's tradition. Gampopa received a Dakini's prediction that he would die within three years. Then, he met Geshe Drewa who gave him the White Tara empowerment. Gampopa practiced accordingly and managed to live to eighty years of age.

From Gampopa, the lineage was transmitted to the Kagyud lineage. The 1st Karmapa received the lineage of this practice from Gampopa. Since then, the practice lineage has continued in the Karma Kagyud lineage until now.

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