Over the years, KKBC has developed five core streams of activities that provide the condition to supports devotees to learn, practice, serve, share, and progress on the path.  The five cores activities when fully develop would enable many individual minds to turn away from the ignorance behavior and walk the path of enlightenment, perfecting all Paramitas and realizing true compassion and wisdom. The five core activities are: 

·         Teaching/transmission (theory) and retreat (practice) to overcome lust, hatred and delusion, and to develop compassion and wisdom.  Teaching enables the important understanding of forming the enlightenment attitude. Transmission and practice develop the realization of enlightenment. 


·         In pilgrimage we visit holy places and recollect the great deeds of the Buddha and Bodhisattva and pray so that we receive blessings and aspiration to walk the path.


·         Retreat with emphasizes on the practice on meditation, pujas etc. are held weekly as part of the core group practice.


·         Events such as festivals and anniversaries celebrations including special events like Mani Dandrub, Kagyud Monlam and His Holiness Karmapa visits, and invited teachers give teachings, transmission and perform pujas that bestow great blessings and encourage participants and volunteers to perform good deeds and accumulate merits to walk the path. These events also draw the crowd that sustains the works of KKBC.


·         Charity is also the practice of generosity, the first Paramita.  Charity work includes all voluntarism works that can benefit others in materialistic, skills development or spiritual ways. It is our obligation to sustain the works of the Sangha to keep the dharma burning bright. Shangpa Rinpoche taught us that serving with pure devotion is part of practice.  In this respect, KKBC organizes events that enable devotees to come together to participate in charity events and volunteerism work which include performing social welfare work and supporting Sangha.


Developing and having good constitutions, Management Committee, volunteers, supporters, building facilities, rules and regulations and administrative/management skills are all supplementary activities to support the five cores activities. Participants in such works will also be able to turn their ignorance behavior around and progress on the enlightenment path. While we are emphasising on the core activities, the supplementary activities are also very important as without their strong support, the core activities cannot flourish.


With the opening of the new building, we also wish to move forward to make full use of the facilities to achieve our objectives for all to know that they have the Buddha nature and the way to realise it as it is.  When more people walk the path, there will be fewer sufferings.  There can be no better noble task than this. 


In fact, from the enlightenment point of view, there is no suffering but due to the individual and collective ignorance. The cyclic existence is simply cause and effect. The whole approach is not to be bonded to the cause and effect but to rest naturally in the emptiness.  Buddha said if there is no emptiness nature in this cyclic existence there is no escape from suffering.  His last words, “All composite things are perishable by nature. Strive diligently for liberation”.  It is time for us to share more detail understanding with you all on the system to enlightenment as taught by the Buddha.


The triple gems and Karma Kagyud lineage teachings are most profound and excellent!

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