Words of Wisdom (W.O.W)

Words of Wisdom (short form is W.O.W) are short insightful teachings of Shangpa Rinpoche, published monthly since 2009. The documents are in the form of either JPEG or PDF.

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Books for free distribution, produced by KKBC (PDF format)

The Golden Garland of Karma Kagyud Lineage (English) (Mandarin)

Transcribed Teachings and Teachings Written by Rinpoche

These are teachings given by Rinpoche at various times which have been transcribed or which have been written by Rinpoche himself. The teachings are in PDF format which you can download.

Note on the Tsunami Disaster of 2004/05 A Teaching by the First Shangpa Rinpoche The Significance and Benefits of Taking the Eight Precepts (Sojong)
Talk Given to Volunteers (Before Mani Dungdrub Project) Why We Should Go On Pilgrimage and Introduction to the holy place of Muktinath Arya Avalokiteshvara and the Six Syllables Mantra
Contemplation On Impermanence The True Buddhist The Power of the Bodhisattva
Deity Yoga Integrating Bodhicitta with Skillful Means Introduction to Vajrayana
Introduction to Bodhicaryavatara Teaching on Kagyud Lineage 8th March 2012 Teaching on Six Paramitas March 2012
Background of Green Tara Initiation 8th September 2012 The Four Dharmas of Gampopa March 2013 Teaching on Manjushri Practice 24th May 2013
Introduction to Shamatha Meditation 9 August 2013 Teaching on Nyungne 16 November 2013 (At KIBS)

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