As our centre is entirely dependent on public donations, it would be a great relief to us if devotees could provide us some of the items which we need to use regularly in the centre.

Our wish list is as follows:


  1. OSRAM DULUX D light bulbs (For replacing the light bulbs in the shrine hall and toilets)
  2. Toilet Paper Rolls
  3. Tissue paper boxes
  4. Serviettes
  5. Dish Wash Detergent
  6. Floor Cleaning Detergent
  7. Laundry Detergent (Liquid Form)
  8. Liquid Soap for washing hands
  9. Washing Sponges
  10. Wipe Cloth
  11. Cloth Floor Mats (for the toilets)
  12. Brooms
  13. Mops
  14. TOYOGO boxes for packing items
  15. Oil bottles for Oil Lamps
  16. Cooking Oil for cooking of food
  17. Fruits, Biscuits and Confectionery (only for monthly prayers on the Lunar 15th, 25th and 29th as well as before events)
  18. Tea light candles (non-perfumed, there are people who are sensitive to the smell of perfumed candles)
  19. Butter lamps (in glass cups)
  20. Pastry Margarine (also called Croissant Butter) for making of tormas [Needs to be white in color]
  21. Gas Cylinder for cooking
  22. Disposable plastic spoons and forks
  23. Disposable paper plates
  24. Mineral water bottles in boxes
  25. Reams of A3 paper
  26. Reams of A4 paper
Please contact our centre administrator at 67491103 to confirm your sponsorship, to make enquiries and to make arrangements for when the items will be delivered. Thank you.


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