Mahakala Puja Every 29th of the lunar month, at 8pm

This puja is common in Vajrayana practice as the Mahakala is often referred to as a Protector. Mahakala is known to be the fearful manifestation of Buddha pacifying all negative forces. Particularly, in the Karma Kagyud Tradition, Mahakala is often regarded as the protector for every practitioner who is progressing in the path of Mahamudra.


In this centre, there is one day of the month that is made significant for the puja and that is the 29th of each lunar month. Tormas are made and offerings are set up. Any devotee can just sit in to join the puja on group chanting basis to receive blessing. Similarly, anyone who needs to do the practice of this puja by oneself should get oral transmission and initiation but initiation of this kind is rather rare as disciples have to be very committed after receiving the initiation.

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