Milarepa Tsog Puja Every 15th of the lunar month, at 8pm

Way back in the early 90s, Shangpa Rinpoche gave teachings about the Milarepa Tsok Offering Puja. He taught disciples the tunes used in chanting the sadhana and showed the details of when and how to make shrine offerings accompanied by methods for using the cymbal and drum. Teachings on this practice has also been given by Khenpo Tsultrim in KKBC.


Tormas are made to go with the puja and tsok offerings are set up. There is group chanting using cymbals and big drum. The purpose of this is to honour the Great Enlightened One who had attained enlightenment within just one life time.


Devotees from all over are welcome to participate in this chanting. If one wishes to receive blessing, one can just sit in and join the puja, but if one needs to practice by on his or her own with proper offering and visualization, then, one has to get proper oral transmission, and initiation from Shangpa Rinpoche or any qualified master who is familiar with this practice.

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