The Practice of 35 Buddhas Every Saturday 8 pm to 10 pm

The 35 Buddhas practice is a method to purify negative karma, and to accumulate meritorious karma. The practice produces these two effects.


By purifying the bad karma, one's mind will be free from their influences. This means one's mind will be clearer. When the negative karma is diminished, one's wisdom will strengthen.


The other effect of the practice is that one's mind will accumulate merit, a necessary condition for enlightenment. Merit affords everyone the opportunity to be enlightened. For instance, by one's very good merits, one can be reborn in a pure land. A rebirth in a pure land is deemed optimal for enlightenment because the Buddhas are there. One can learn directly from them. They are there to guide, and so one will be able to follow the teachings and become enlightened. Excellent causes and conditions such as these are dependent on one's store of merits, so one has to know how to gather them. By doing the practice of the 35 Buddhas, one will accumulate useful merit.


In order to get the most benefit of this practice, one should obtain oral transmission and special instruction from a guru such as Shangpa Rinpoche.

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