The Practice of Chod (Every Thursday 8 pm to 10 pm)

During the second sermon, Lord Buddha Shakyamuni gave the Prajnaparamita teaching to his followers. The essence of his teaching was to develop the perfect wisdom of Enlightenment. Later on, the Indian saint Dampa Sangye and a Tibetan great master Machikma Labdron introduced a unique method of cutting the ego clinging instantly based on the essence of the Prajnaparamita teaching. In Tibetan, this practice is called Chod.



The main practice of Chod is to recognize the defilement of ego clinging, attachment to self and phenomena, which obstruct the Path to Enlightenment. This method is used to rid the root of defilement, that is the ego clinging, and all the subsequent defilements such as hatred, desire, and ignorance that arise from it.



The Chod practice is effective for purification of sickness and especially for those who have disturbance caused by evil spirits. It also benefits us in our daily needs such as prosperity, health, and longevity.



In KKBC weekly practice, the short version of the puja is used. The sadhana is called Milam Lungten which means The Prophetic Dream. It includes prayers done with a bell ('Drilbu' in Tibetan) and a drum ('Damaru' in Tibetan). Any interested individual who wishes to practice the short sadhana should seek for oral transmission and initiation from a qualified vajra master before starting to practice individually.

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