Why Donate?

Engaging in the Middle Way Sutra says:
These beings desire happiness,
And all human beings who are without wealth have no happiness.
Knowing that wealth comes from generosity,
Buddha spoke first of the practice of generosity


Our centre is reliant on donations to continue its day to day operations and to organize events for devotee's spiritual advancement and welfare.

The current centre was actually a bungalow that was bought and made over to the Buddhist centre it is today. With the passing of the years, the condition of the building has deteriorated and the current facilities are not sufficient to satisfy the needs of our congregation. Hence the launch of a building project to build a new centre building on our current land.

All donations are a contribution to the turning of the wheel of Dharma, and are all used for the purposes of propagating the Dharma.

Ways to Donate
Are Donations to Karma Kagyud Buddhist Centre Tax-Deductible?

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